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Who am I?

Get to know a bit about myself

Hi! Miguel here, I'm glad you want to know more about me.

It won't get too long.

I'm a translator and language teacher from Marbella, Málaga, and I'm here to make your life easier!

I chose to study translation and interpreting because literature is my passion. One day I found out the next book of my favourite series was just released I picked it up in English (all the previous ones I had read in spanish) and I knew I would love to be the one translating it so no one around here could miss it.

So I did my degree in translation and interpreting -French and English into Spanish- then a master's degree in translation for the publishing world, and later on another one in localisation and transcreation. Always looking forward!

While I was studying I started teaching English, and it went on to become my full-time job. Helping people learn something new and get better is always a rewarding experience, and  I believe everyone has felt that way sometime, even if it was unconsciously. It's even more so when you can see the results and your pupils are aware of them.

I've also learnt to find new ways of making people understand new concepts more easily: By creating and reading comics, solving escaperooms, playing videogames together... even going shopping!



What do you need?

Do you struggle to understand that Spanish or French text? I'll help you out!

Do you need your text to be understood in the mother tongue of almost half a billion people? I'm your man!

Whether it's your restaurant's menu, your latest app, the script for your new movie or that book you just published and need everyone in Spain to read.

Yes! I also like teaching what I know, so if you need to improve your Spanish, or learn from scratch, don't think twice. I can also help you prepare for an interview or a presentation.

I offer completely personalised sessions, focusing on the goal you have in mind: improving pronounciation, learning about the culture in Spain while speaking Spanish, preparing for an exam... you name it!

Pizarra con diferentes idiomas


What've you been up to, Miguel?

I've been teaching languages and culture for some years now... at least three! (But I'm sure it's been more.)

All this time I've been teaching English, Spanish and some French. Private lessons, groups, adults, kids, companies, schools, universities, face to face, online... I lost count. I even helped design a method to make it easier to dyslexic students.

You can read about the most interesting bits in the projects page.

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